Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bonus: Missive from the Wilds of Canada

Hi Fans of Doom! Tim is out of town for a few weeks while he explores all of Europe's mysteries.  Don't fret!  The podcast will continue each week, uninterrupted.   Like a gentlemen, he recorded a little bonus for you all from Toronto airport.  He asked me to post this for you all to enjoy last week, but as we all know, I'm the world's worst co-host.  Anyhow!  I hope you enjoy it almost as much as the corrections to the podcast below.

  • The CN tower was the largest tower in the world until 2010 when the Duri Khalifa in Dubai snatched it's title with an impressive 2,723 ft,  beating out the CN tower by almost 1000 ft.  (Hot diggity!)
  • Does anyone know the quantitative metrics one uses to measure a cities "internationalness"?  This seems made up to me.  I'm known to be wrong though.  Correct me with a sniping e-mail!   Make my day.  Other "Tier 1" international cities:  New York, London, Sydney and Melbourne.  

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